Why It's Likely Mara Jade Skywalker will Never be Star Wars Canon

Though Disney has decided to make a majority of the Star Wars EU non-canon, they have been bringing in characters to main continuity, not unlike Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels. There are some fan-favorites that people want to see in the new Disney canon, but it's likely this one EU character is going to stay in Legends.

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As speculated by The Dork Side of the Force, it's very likely that Luke's love interest in the EU, Mara Jade Skywalker, won't be coming to the Disney canon anytime soon. Talking to the Star Wars Alliance podcast, a Del Rey Star Wars Editor (by the name of Tom) has revealed one key element in bringing Legends characters into the established canon. He says:

"If you're not bringing that character into a story that makes sense for that character — both what [sort] of honors and what made that character interesting and popular and resonate originally, while also perhaps doing something a little new with them … there's always that question of: Are you just going to put the Legends name on a different character?"

With that in mind, it's likely Lucasfilm won't induct Mara Jade into canon seeing that so many characters already resemble her in different ways. Here's the breakdown from TDSOTF:

  • A Force-sensitive female who comes face-to-face with darkness: Rey Skywalker
  • A tough fighter with a troubled past: Sabine Wren
  • A strong woman who just happens to fall in love with a Jedi: Hera Syndulla
  • A broken soul who escaped her Sith master and tried to do good: Asajj Ventress

Then again, this is all just speculation, and it's very likely some kind of Mara Jade find its way to the Disney canon. My guess is it will have to be in that rumored Luke Skywalker solo outing after the events of Return of the Jedi. She doesn't have to be Luke's wife, but I can detect some kind of love interest. Maybe she could even help Luke with that Jedi academy and get murdered by Kylo Ren. It's just a pitch.

While we may not get Mara Jade any time soon, Star Wars continues to trudge along, and Disney+ is gearing up for the second season of The Mandalorian which premieres sometime in October.

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