Why Is the Moon Broken in RWBY?

Why Is the Moon Broken in RWBY
Credit: Rooster Teeth

Why Is the Moon Broken in RWBY
Credit: Rooster Teeth

One of the most recognizable aesthetics in the world of Remnant where RWBY unfolds is the iconic broken moon. Not only is this strange moon cool to look at but it's also a key part of world-building, giving us information about the world's state. As more people watch RWBY: Ice Queendom as their first point of contact with the fandom, more will wonder just why the moon is broken in RWBY. Here's a breakdown:

RWBY World State

Why Is the Moon Broken in RWBY 1
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

The moon in RWBY might not be the most significant plot point but it can be seen as a symptom of a broken world.

Up until Volume 5, some fans might have thought that the broken moon was nothing more than the team's desire to portray a decadent aesthetic.

But the more you watch, the more you realize that Remnant was named so for a reason; it's a remnant of a universe that used to be much more.

This diminishing trend is also seen in the abilities of Hunters and Huntresses.

In the past, humans used to possess strong and diverse magic. In the narrative present, Hunters and Huntresses only have one very specific magical aspect.

These are called Semblances, being mere semblances of the original magic.

The moon might not be directly associated with this loss of magic (as far as we know!) but it's a visual representation of the world's broken state.

Why Is the Moon Broken in RWBY?

Why Is the Moon Broken in RWBY 2
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

The moon's brokenness in RWBY is directly related to the lore and history of the Remnant. In Volume 6, we find out that the moon partially broke because the God of Darkness crashed through it while abandoning Remnant.

Some of the moon's fragments fell as meteors at that point, causing mass destruction.

The departure of the God of Darkness, which caused part of the moon to shatter, is associated with the backstory of Salem, the story's main villain.

In her hubris, Salem repeatedly tried to bring her lover Ozma back to life, disregarding the Gods.

Eventually, because of Salem's actions, the Gods decided to destroy humanity completely and depart from the world.

Unlike his more straightforward brother, the God of Light, who simply teleported away, the God of Darkness, who had a streak for the dramatic, didn't care about what he destroyed through his exit.

Eventually, the Gods decided to give humanity another chance, but, as detailed above, the world is only a fragment of what it used to be; it'se infected by Grimm, most magic is gone, and the moon is still broken.

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Can the Moon Be Mended?

Why Is the Moon Broken in RWBY 3
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At the time of writing, while there are many theories and predictions about RWBY Volume 9, there's no indication that the moon can be mended.

In the world of the Remnant, the moon is a natural satellite orbiting Remnant and it doesn't look like the characters can do much to affect it.

As it is, the moon's state doesn't significantly affect the world in a tangible way, other than visualizing its brokenness.

Then again, Ruby Rose's first appearance in her character trailer titled "Red" features Ruby fighting against wolf-like Grimm with an unbroken, full moon as background.

Given that the broken moon is one of the key images and aesthetics people associate with RWBY this seems like a strange choice.

While the creators might have simply preferred to leave any weird elements for the actual series, one is bound to wonder about the meaning of this.

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Could Ruby fix the moon? Or could she bring change and renewal to Remnant?

Ruby is the most important character in the show and she hasn't yet realized the full extent of her powers so this might be plausible, though we need to wait for more content from the fantasy anime before we can draw any conclusions.

Watch out for the release date of RWBY Volume 9 to hopefully find out more.

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