Why Gia Is One Of Angelina Jolie’s Highest-Rated Movies To Date?

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Credit: IGN

Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood today. Throughout the span of her career, she has already appeared in at least 50 movies. The actress has also received 60 acting awards and 148 nominations.

Angelina Jolie has already earned three Golden Globe Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. She also received three Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress in the movies Wallace, Gia, and Girl, Interrupted.

What did Angelina Jolie play in Gia?

Angelina Jolie plays Hannah Faber in Those Who Wish Me Dead.
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Credit: HBO Max

Angelina Jolie starred model Gia Marie Carangi in the movie, Gia (1998). The plot revolved around the model's growing up years up to the time when she finally made it big in New York as a cover girl. However, it was also in the Big Apple that Gia turned to drugs and eventually passed away.

Following its release, Variety praised Jolie's passion in portraying the complicated character.

"As Gia, she is a multifaceted revelation, shifting from coquettish to nasty to violent to contrite with a breathtaking believability. The passion with which she inhabits the role is a spectacle in itself; it doesn't hurt that she's also a spectacular beauty," journalist Ray Richmond said.

Giadubbed as Angelina Jolie's highest-rated film

Angelina Jolie stars in Those Who Wish Me Dead trailer.
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Credit: HBO Max

Rotten Tomatoes gave Gia a 92 percent rating. This is the highest rating for any of Jolie's films making it her best movie to date, according to the site.

Following its release, journalist James Sanford praised Jolie for giving "her all in a thoroughly uninhibited and highly effective portrayal of a woman living from thrill to thrill."

HBO also called Jolie a force of nature following her portrayal of Gia in the movie.

"There's no stopping this woman. She is a force of nature. The assessment applies to both the character and the star, whose own magnetism does not outshine the story, but pushes it that much further," they said.

Giareceived an equally high rating as Maleficent

Those Who Wish Me Dead starring Angelina Jolie was released in May 2021.
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Credit: HBO Max

Screen Rant gave Gia a 7/10 rating and ranked the movie fifth out of Jolie's 15 best films. Gia received the same rating as Maleficent.

The publication praised Jolie for putting her mark on the map with her portrayal of the popular cover girl who eventually died of AIDS.

Other Jolie films included in the list are Changeling, Girl, Interrupted, Playing By Heart, Wanted, The Bone Collector, The Good Shepherd, A Mighty Heart, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Gone In 60 Seconds, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Salt, and Hackers.

Where to stream and watch Gia online and for free?

Angelina Jolie appears in Those Who Wish Me Dead trailer.
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Credit: HBO Max

Gia is available to stream online and for free on various streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube TV.

Jolie's highly-acclaimed film is also available on Google Play Movies & TV, Vudu, and Apple TV for a minimal fee.

Where to watch Angelina Jolie next?

Those Who Wish Me Dead is Angelina Jolie's latest movie.
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Credit: HBO Max

Angelina Jolie will appear in Eternals as the elite warrior, Thena. The film will serve as Jolie's first time to join Marvel, and she got on board because she wanted to become part of a diverse family.

"This was the real reason I wanted to make the film. It was to be part of such a diverse family, and it really didn't matter to me what size of the role would be," she said.

Eternals is slated for release in the United States on November 5.