Why BTS Jungkook Stopped Believing In Santa Claus

Credit: BANGTAN TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BANGTAN TV/YouTube Screenshot

BTS dropped a new BANGTAN BOMB on December 1. It features the seven members as they do their Holiday Memories photoshoot.

With the holiday vibe surrounding them, Jungkook recalled how he used to believe in Santa Claus. He also revealed the exact moment he stopped doing so, according to Koreaboo.

The Moment He Learned The Truth

The BTS member said that his father always wore a Santa Claus costume when he was a child. The ensemble even included a long white beard to resemble the overall look.

Jungkook remembered how, one night, the beard brushed across his face while he was sleeping. Upon looking up to see who it was, he discovered that it was his father in a costume.

He continued that, from that moment on, he stopped believing in Santa. He realized that the figure was not real as it was only his father wearing a Santa Claus costume.

About V's Holiday Wish

In the same photoshoot, V was asked about his wish for the holiday season. He shared that “it would be nice” if the group could travel somewhere.

A separate report from Koreaboo explained why the BTS member had this kind of wish. As it happened, the seven K-pop idols were not able to go on trips at that time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The publication also clarified that the K-pop group had the photoshoot during the summer season. This means that V’s wish has already come true because they are now in the United States.

BTS will not make it to the 2021 MAMA

The all-male K-pop group is currently in Los Angeles for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts. They are also set to perform on KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball Tour on December 3.

As for their attendance at the 2021 MAMA in South Korea, Mnet has already confirmed that they will not be at the event. The BTS members will be in quarantine for ten days because of their recent engagements.

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