Who Will Play The Emperor in Dune 2?

Who Will Play the Emperor in Dune 2
Credit: Warner Bros

Who Will Play the Emperor in Dune 2
Credit: Warner Bros

It's been a while since the Dune movie came out and fans are hungry for any and all updates about Dune: Part 2. Fan's questions include major characters who have yet to appear, and the actors who will portray them. For instance, who will play the Emperor in Dune Part 2?

Dune: About the Emperor

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Credit: Warner Bros

If you don't mind a little book spoiler, Emperor Shaddam IV is the main villain in Dune - one, however, that we have thus far seen very little of.

Shaddam is the 81st person of House Corrino, and, so far, he has moved behind the scenes.

The Emperor is the one who assigned Duke Leto Atreides to govern the planet of Arrakis.

As it turns out, the Emperor didn't have any noble purpose in doing so. Rather, he feared that Leto, being well-liked, was likely to overthrow it at some point.

The Emperor's plan to prevent this was to send Leto to take over Arrakis from the Harkonens', though, in truth, he was on the Harkonen's side all along.

Like Leto, the Emperor is married to a Bene Gesserit, one, however, who, unlike Jessica, chose to only give him daughters, which, given the rules of his world, leaves his heirless. His family dynamics are, therefore, mirroring the dynamics of House Atreides as foils.

Many fans have been excited to find out which actor is going to be portraying the Emperor in Dune: Part 2.

Who Will Play The Emperor in Dune: Part 2?

Dune: Part 2 added Christopher Walken as The Emperor. Walken is an oscar-winning actor who has appeared in The Deer Hunter (1978), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Batman Returns (1992), Pulp Fiction (1994), and over 100 other movies and plays.

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With a 2023 release date, Dune: Part 2 still feels far away, but Walke is an exciting addition to the cast, and announcements like this make it all feel a little bit closer!

Florence Pugh (Little Women, Midsommar) also joined the Dune cast as the Princess Irulan, the Emperor's daughter,

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