Who Will Be The Next Iron Man After Robert Downey Jr.? Here's Everything We Know

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Credit: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

Iron Man is one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans loved Robert Downey Jr. for portraying the genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist superhero. However, he bid goodbye inAvengers: Endgame.

Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man's fans are broken-hearted following RDJ's departure from the franchise. For many Marvel fans, Iron Man is the best Avenger of all time. So, many are wondering who will be the next Iron Man after him. Here are the various speculations about the future of Iron Man in MCU.

1. New Avengers' Iron Lad could be the next Iron Man

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Credit: Marvel Entertainment

A new team of young superheroes is in the works and they will be called New Avengers or Young Avengers, according to We Got This Covered. Several outlets claimed that it will likely include Iron Lad, Vision 2,0, Hulkling, Wiccan, Stature and more.

Iron Lad's real character is Nathaniel Richards. The character has seen many incarnations over the years. However, he has the same looks and abilities as Tony Stark's Iron Man.

His armor is made of rare and synthetic alloy. He can also fire concussive blasts and even travel through time.

There are rumors that Ty Simpkins will be playing the role of Iron Lad. Simpkins appeared in Iron Man 3 as Harley. He returned in Avengers: Endgame during Iron Man's funeral. The outlet noted that his age is perfect for the New Avengers.

2. The next Iron Man will be introduced in Black Panther 2

Marvel is still pushing Black Panther 2 despite the unexpected demise of its lead star, Chadwick Boseman.

According to reports, a new superhero named Iron Woman or Ironheart will be joining the sequel. Dominic Thorne will play the role of Riri Williams and she is as smart and creative as RDJ's Tony Stark. She will reportedly make her own suit.

"We're shooting Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, right now, and the character of Riri Williams, you will meet in Black Panther 2 first," Marvel Studio boss Kevin Feige told ComicBook.com about the new character. "She started shooting. I think, this week before her Ironheart series."

3. Shuri could be the next Iron Man


Iron Man is known for his wit and technology. There are rumors that he might be replaced by Letitia Wright who plays Shuri in Black Panther.

Shuri is Black Panther's younger sister and is a princess of the fictional African kingdom, Wakanda. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale, Sam's Captain America suit was created in Wakanda, presumably by Shuri.

Wakanda is technologically advanced. So, finding the new Iron Man in the fictional country is a huge possibility.

Who do you think is the next Iron Man? Share your thoughts with us!