Who Were Meghan Markle’s Bridesmaids and Page Boys?

Credit: LiveNOW from FOX/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: LiveNOW from FOX/YouTube Screenshot

It has been nearly five years since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot, but no one can ever forget that extravagant event—no matter how controversial—that sealed the couple’s fairytale-like love story. Hence, relive the most special day in the Sussexes’ lives by meeting their bridesmaids and page boys.

Compared to the U.S., where bridesmaids are often the bride’s closest friends, the attendants in British royal weddings are kids. Hence, Prince Harry and Meghan’s bridesmaids and page boys are children.

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s only daughter led her uncle’s bridesmaids at his royal wedding.

The adorable child was seen accompanying her then-future auntie-in-law into the ceremony.

Ivy Mulroney

Also on the list is Ivy Mulroney, the daughter of Meghan’s friend, Jessica Mulroney.

"When Harry first started going to Toronto to visit Meghan, it was Ben and Jessica who had them over at their house for dinners because it wasn't easy for them to go out in public without the risk of getting spotted," a source told E! News. "Harry's become close with their children Brian, John, and Ivy. Ivy especially is a big fan."

Remi and Rylan Litt

Remi and Rylan are Benita Litt’s daughters. The mom has been friends with the Duchess of Sussex for years.

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In Benita’s now-deleted Instagram account, she revealed that Meghan and Prince Harry spent Christmas with the Litts in 2016, saying her two daughters were the former actress’ fairy goddaughters.

Zalie Warren

Zalie Warren is the Duke of Sussex’s goddaughter and the youngest bridesmaid at two years old. She’s the daughter of Mrs. Zoe and Mr. Jake Warren.

Florence van Cutsem

Florence van Cutsem is another goddaughter of Prince Harry. She’s Mrs. Alice and Major Nicholas van Cutem’s child, who was only three during the wedding.

Prince George

Prince George is the eldest child of Prince William and Kate. He led the page boys at his uncle’s infamous 2018 royal wedding.

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At four years old, he was the youngest page boy at the event, but despite that, he still made his parents proud with his handsome look and confidence.

Jasper Dyer

Jasper Dyer is also Prince Harry’s godson, the son of Amanda and Mark Dyer, M.V.O. The latter used to be a Welsh Guards officer of his father, King Charles and is reportedly Archie’s godparent, too.

Brian and John Mulroney

Brian and John Mulroney are Ivy’s brothers and Jessica’s sons. The twin served as pageboys at the wedding, playing major roles by carrying Meghan’s train up the stairs into the ceremony.

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