Is The Front Man Returning in Squid Game Season 2? What Happened to His Brother?

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Squid Game, the popular 2021 South Korean Netflix thriller, is still the streamer's most viewed original TV series ever, and now fans are craving for a second season.

The mystery K-drama features 456 debt-stricken people risking their lives in a series of dangerous survival games on a remote island for a chance to win 45.6 billion Korean won (around $38.4 million USD), with the losers from each "children's game" facing death.

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Credit: Netflix

Warning: Major spoilers from Netflix's Squid Game ahead.


Although the first season of Squid Game already wrapped up the series of deadly games with Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae) winning it all, it's clear that the organizers are still running the extreme survival games, and the finale comes with a dark twist, leaving viewers with more burning questions than ever.

In the season finale, Gi-hun discovered that Oh Il-nam (O Yeong-su), aka Player 001, is the true mastermind of the survival games. This was revealed after the old man invited Gi-hun to come to an office, where he is bedridden, dying. While this provided a huge answer to the deadly contest, there are still mysteries left unanswered such as the background story of the Front Man, the black-masked leader whom audience initially thought as the main boss of the competition, but who is he really?

Who is the Front Man?

The Front Man in Squid Game is played by Lee Byung-hun, well-known for his role in G.I. Joe movies.

The mysterious character appears in an all-black outfit, including a black mask and dark hood. Compared to other staff members who wear hot pink tracksuits with blask mask each bearing either a circle, square, or triangle symbol, the Front Man's look stands out. When a situation gets out of control during the games or while the players are waiting for the next game to begin in the huge warehouse, he often steps in.


Later in the show, the Front Man is revealed to be Hwang In-ho, the brother of the police who sneaked into the game facility, Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon). A few years prior the events of Squid Game, he won the survival competition, but it's unknown how or why he got involved in managing the survival competition.

The show reveals the Front Man has been communicating with Oh Il-nam. In the final episode, he closes the old man's eyes shut, raising questions about whether the Front Man is somehow connected to Il-nam's death. It's also unclear what this means for the future of the death games. Is the Front Man now the ringleader now that Oh Il-nam is dead? Or is there another mysterious person above him?

What happened to the Front Man's brother, Hwang Jun-ho?

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Credit: netflix

After being chased at the beach, the police Hwang Jun-ho confronted his brother, the Front Man on the edge of the cliff. It was here that he discovered the Front Man's true identity, and after refusing his mysterious brother's request to surrender, he was shot close to the chest, and his body fell to the sea. However, it's possible that he may still be alive since the first season didn't fully confirm his death.

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This opens the possibility of Hwang Jun-ho returning in Squid Game Season 2, Netflix already renewed the show for Season 2, and director/writerHwang Dong-hyuk said that if Netflix confirms a second season, he'd like it to focus on "the issue with police officers" and the story of the Front Man.

"While I was writing season one, I thought about the stories that could be in season two if I get to do one—one would be the story of the Frontman," the director/writer told The Times.

Squid Game actor Wi Ha-joon, who plays Hwang Jun-ho, told Deadline that he hopes his character was still alive because he wants answers from the Front Man and how he went from games competitor to the leader of the competition.

"I'm dying to know what happened to him," Wi Ha-joon said. "I want him to return alive, find his brother and ask him tons of questions. As a brother, I would ask him sincerely.

"As a detective, I want to explore the overall secrets behind the game as well. I really hope to see Jun-ho come back alive and explore all these questions. I hope to see a more brotherly-love side of their relationship as well."

When asked about the reconciliation of the brothers, the actor said, "Reconciliation, I don't know. I will have to hear why he made certain choices."

It's likely that Squid Game Season 2 will answer a lot of questions we have about the brothers. They will likely return to play important roles in the next round of survival games.

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