Who Is Song Joong Ki’s Wife? Media Reveals Katy Louise Saunders’ Impressive Educational Background

Credit: Viu Singapore / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Viu Singapore / YouTube screenshot

After the bombshell news revealed by Song Joong Ki to fans regarding his remarriage, the public is curious to know more about his wife, Katy Louise Saunders.

Following the rumor regarding his dating status, the Reborn Rich star made headlines after his agency, HighZium Studio confirmed that the Hallyu star is in a relationship.

As obtained by Soompi, the label released a statement, addressing the issue regarding Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend.

At the time, HighZium Studio says that the 37-year-old star is “currently seeing a woman with positive feelings.”

As for further details regarding the lucky woman, the label shared that they “cannot confirm any information aside from the fact that they are dating” and was also asking questions regarding “speculative or unconfirmed reports.”

Although the agency and Song Joong Ki tried to keep personal details such as the identity of his new flame, there were speculations that it is Katy Louise Saunders after an outlet cited that Song Joong Ki is dating a British woman

Katy Louise Saunders’ name became the talk of the town and was, later on, revealed that she is Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend.

At the height of his K-drama comeback, Reborn Rich, various reports about Katy Louise Saunders surfaced including pregnancy rumors, marriage, and more.

Interestingly, on January 30, the actor confirmed that he is in a relationship with Katy Louise Saunders, adding that they also got married.

In addition, he also revealed that he was soon to be a father, adding that they are “sincerely thankful as a new life has come to us.”

From Song Joong Ki’s dating rumors to marriage announcements, fans are digging into details regarding the British beauty.

Who is Song Joong Ki’s Wife, Katy Louise Saunders?

Besides the public knowing her as a British actress who swooned Song Joong Ki’s heart, the soon-to-be mom has appeared in various movies and tv shows.

One of her earlier movies is the 2003 Disney flick, Lizzie McGuire starring Hilary Duff.

In oe of the scene, he played one of the Italian girls that Lizzie’s male best friend Gordo, played by Adam Lamberg, is looking at.

A year later, she appeared in the 2005 series Law and Order and took the role of Naomi.

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Adding to the list of Katy Louise Saunders’s movie and tv shows is the 2006 period drama Los Borgia, Follow Your Dreams, Third Person, and the 2018 Welcome Home starring Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad and model-actress Emily Ratajkowski.

Public Impressed By Katy Louise Saunders’ Educational Background

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Besides being in front of the camera, she is also considered a beauty and brains after surprising everyone with her academic background.

In a report cited by a media outlet, tvN’s Free Doctor talked about the newlyweds in one of their episodes.

A reporter shared how the public “got a triple shock” after finding out about the education of Song Joong Ki’s wife.

Since she is of English and Colombian descent, she spent her childhood going back and forth between England and Italy.

As for her educational background, Katy graduated one of the prestigious private university in Milan, where she earned her degree in business administration from the Bocconi Faculty of Business Administration.

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