Who Is Kotaro’s Father in Kotaro Lives Alone?

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Who Is Kotaro’s Father in Kotaro Lives Alone?

From the title itself, Kotaro Lives Alone follows the story of a 4-year-old boy who lives on his own. His mother was briefly mentioned, but who is Kotaro’s father, and where is he?

Kotaro Lives Alone is a slice-of-life series that aired on TV Asahi from April to June 2021. It was later on released by Netflix and available worldwide, increasing its popularity because of its intriguing plot.

The story showcases how life can be, especially to a kid like Kotaro. But mind you, Kotaro is not your average 4-year-old. He can be very mature and independent.

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Who Is Kotaro’s Father in Kotaro Lives Alone?

Who Is Kotaro’s Father?
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Kotaro’s father was never named in the series. We can assume that his family name is Sato since Kotaro is named Sato Kotaro while his mom was Sayori Wamiya.

She died after she left Kotaro, while his father got a restraining order forbidding him to see Kotaro, hence why the 4-year-old lives alone.

The reason he got a restraining order was that the father was an abusive alcoholic. He would beat Kotaro’s mother. She decided that it would be better to let her child live on his own while she moved on with her life until she died.

Kotaro’s father didn’t abandon him entirely, just like his mom. In episode six, he hired a private investigator to look for Kotaro. However, the investigator decided not to disclose Kotaro’s real address after spending time with the child.

It also appeared that Kotaro had siblings but their story was not shared in the series. In episode three, he receives balloons from a stranger and he labels them, “mom”, “dad”, “sister”, and “brother”. However, information about his siblings was not disclosed or even mentioned again.

All throughout the show, it seems like Kotaro had a dark past. His situation pushed him to be independent and mature at a young age.

His father, despite being mysterious, is not a suitable guardian for Kotaro considering his violent tendencies.

Even if it was shown that he cares about his son, it cannot be guaranteed that he would not hurt the child, hence probably the same thing that the private investigator realized upon meeting Kotaro.


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