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Who is Chibiusa in Sailor Moon?

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Who Is Chibiusa in Sailor Moon
Credit: Toei Animation

Over the years of its run, Sailor Moon gave us many beloved characters who are still pop culture icons. Child characters are often seen as annoying or distracting, but Chibiusa, for instance, is still quite iconic and memorable in the magical girl anime subgenre. So, for any newcomers, who is Chibiusa in Sailor Moon?

About Sailor Moon

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Credit: Toei Animation

Sailor Moon is based on a Japanese shojo manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi, which became immensely popular in its time, especially when it received what would become one of the 90s' most successful anime.

In this iconic anime and manga, we follow a romantic, somewhat lazy 14-year-old girl, Usagi Tsukino, who leads a relatively normal life.

This is about to change when Usagi encounters Luna, a talking cat, and receives a brooch that allows her to transform into Sailor Moon: a legendary warrior destined to save the world from evil forces.

As the story progresses, Usagi is joined by an increasing number of other girls from different walks of life, who all become Sailor soldiers and help her in her mission.

Sailor Moon is a long ride, with many episodes and several fillers, but we ensure that it's a wild, fun, nostalgic, and somewhat romantic ride you should try at least once!

Who Is Chibiusa In Sailor Moon?

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Credit: Toei Animation

Chibiusa is a young girl and the earthly identity of Sailor Chibi Moon, a child planetary warrior with powers similar to those of the main characters.

She makes her first appearance in Sailor Moon R that is, the anime's second season.

At first, she was antagonistic toward Usagi and the other main characters, causing some trouble for Usagi's family.

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Later episodes reveal that Chibiusa is the earthly identity of Usagi Little Lady Serenity, the daughter of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion - Usagi and Mamoru's true identities.

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Over the course of the anime, Chibiusa makes several appearances and she's often sent back into the future, but she occasionally comes back to help the main characters with her powers.

Can't wait to jump into Sailor Moon R and learn more about her? We have created a Sailor Moon Season 1 filler guide to help you move on to the second season faster!


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