Who is Best Girl in Rent-A-Girlfriend? Every Character RANKED

Who is Best Girl in Rent-A-Girlfriend? Every Character RANKED
Credit: TMS Entertainment / Studio Comet

Who is Best Girl in Rent-A-Girlfriend? Every Character RANKED
Credit: TMS Entertainment / Studio Comet

Beautiful anime waifus are nothing new to Rent-A-Girlfriend. From the ideal rental girlfriend, Mizuhara, to the enigmatic Mami, each had their own distinct charisma and appeal to the audience, which divided fans. However, who is the best girl in Rent-A-Girlfriend? There can only be one!

In this article, we rank each character in order to crown the best girl in Rent-A-Girlfriend. The criteria would be visuals and personality! Who do you think it will be?

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  1. Mami Nanami

    Mami Nanami was Kazuya Kinoshita's first girlfriend. She was also the first girl to dump him after only one month of dating. Despite this, they maintain civility with one another and, on occasion, find themselves in heated situations.

    Visuals: Mami is a very attractive woman. She has beautiful blonde hair and equally stunning blue eyes. If she's in a crowded place, Mami can stand out by flaunting her assets.

    Unlike the other girls on the list, Mami recognizes and appreciates her own beauty. As a result, she frequently uses her features to her advantage in order to get close to people.

    Personality: Mami is the best girl for you if you like double-faced girls. Mami is disgruntled and frustrated beneath her innocent and affectionate face.

    In the anime, Mami frequently snaps and transforms into her other personality when she feels the situation has gone against her. Don't be fooled by her friendliness, for on the inside, Mami is a very cold person.

  2. Ruka Sarashina

    Unbeknownst to Mizuhara, Ruka Sarashina is a rental girlfriend from another agency.

    Ruka confessed to Kazuya after parting ways with Kuri. She forced him to enter into a trial relationship in which she claimed to be Kazuya's provisional girlfriend.

    Visuals: Ruka, like Sumi, is an adorable rental girlfriend. She also appears to be younger than her actual age. Her blessed body frequently gives it away as a sign that she is nearing the end of her high school years. Ruka's body is to die for, and she always draws the attention of the public away from other girls.

    Personality: Ruka has an edgy and strong personality. Ruka, despite her appearance, is a very stubborn young lady who frequently expresses her feelings in an inconvenient manner.

    She is also very blunt and direct, which will surprise anyone due to her choice of words. Indeed, a very fiery young lady!

    Sure, she's hot-blooded and possessive, but these characteristics only add to Ruka's beauty.

    The only reason I ranked her third is because of her selfish attitude toward Kazuya. At the end of the day, it's still uncouth.

  3. Sumi Sakurazawa

    Sumi Sakurazawa is a rookie rental girlfriend working for the same agency as Mizuhara. She improves her social skills after going on a date with Kazuya Kinoshita.

    Visuals: Sumi is a very sweet and adorable young girl. She is so youthful that anyone could mistake her for a middle school student.

    Regardless, her visuals are diabetic-inducing, and anyone will compare her to a strawberry shortcake.

    In contrast to the other girls on the list, Sumi is very petite and slender. She does, however, have lovely legs that will make an excellent place to sleep.

    Personality: Sumi has a very shy and reserved personality. While her awkwardness may turn some people off, others will find it cute and adorable.

    Despite her difficulties interacting with others, Sumi works hard to improve herself. It's adorable that she wants to be a better person in her own little way.

  4. Chizuru Ichinose (Mizuhara)

    Chizuru Ichinose, also known as Mizuhara, is Kazuya's rental girlfriend. After meeting their grandparents in the hospital, she also pretends to be his real girlfriend for quite some time now.

    Also, Chizuru is the closest to Kazuya of all the girls on the list, and she is expected to win his heart.

    Visuals: Chizuru Ichinose’s visuals can be compared to those of a fallen angel. Anyone can fall in love in an instant with her smile. Her body, aside from her stunning features, is to die for!

    Chizuru has the most beautiful body measurements of any of the girls on the list. She is just blessed beyond belief! Chizuru in a dress is a checkmate among the other girls in terms of fashion sense.

    Personality: Chizuru is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. Her drive, compassion, and mature behavior also contribute to her striking personality.

    Chizuru, out of all the girls on the list, is the only one who truly understands Kazuya. Even if it isn't Kazuya, Chizuru makes a concerted effort to make her clients feel at ease.

    Chizuru's presence is pure bliss that can soothe any man's problems.

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