Who Are the Sparrows in The Umbrella Academy?

The Umbrella Academy - Sparrows
Credit: Netflix

The Umbrella Academy - Sparrows
Credit: Netflix

The Umbrella Academy Netflix TV series is known for its quirky plot twists, its apocalyptic tendencies, and messed up timeline, among other things. People are already getting excited for The Umbrella Academy Season 3. The finale of Season 2 managed to combine all in one of the series' most surprising twists yet. In it, we meet the Sparrows, the academy of superheroes that Reginald Hargreeves adopted in another timeline, instead of the seven main characters. So, who are the Sparrows?

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Finale Twist

Who Are the Sparrows in The Umbrella Academy
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Credit: Netflix

The Hargreeves siblings spend over 90% of Season 2 trapped in the 60s, trying to prevent an apocalypse that's very different from the one they originally escaped. After failing to cooperate several times, losing Ben, this time for good, and, eventually, learning to live with each other once more, the siblings managed to get back home to the later 2010s, only to find a shocking surprise waiting for them.

Not only is their adoptive father in the timeline they've now found themselves in; he's also not their adoptive father at all. Instead, he has adopted another group of magically gifted children, who are likely to be the main antagonist in The Umbrella Academy Season 3.

The Umbrella Academy: Who Are the Sparrows?

Who Are the Sparrows in The Umbrella Academy 1
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The Sparrow Academy and the Umbrella Academy both consist of magically gifted individuals, born on the same day and time, to mothers who had not been pregnant the previous day. Other than that the groups have nothing in common, except for one member: Ben. In the original timeline (if any timeline can be called "original" anymore) Ben Hargreeves died under mysterious circumstances.

But Ben is given another chance, as a member of the Sparrows. Now ranked Number 2 by his father, instead of Number 6, as in the original, he seems far less kind than the ghost brother who accompanied Klaus for years.

The other Sparrows are: Marcus, also known as Number 1 (portrayed by Justin Cornwell), Fei, Number 3 (Britne Oldford), Alphonso, Number 4 (Jake Epstein), Sloane, Number. 5 (Genesis Rodriguez), Jayme, Number 6 (Cazzie David), and Christopher Number 7 (a green cube, because that's how strange the show is).

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But who are these people and why did Reginald Hargreeves choose them over the main characters? Is this just a random different timeline that reflects the series' chaos? Did he somehow travel in the future, and saw how badly his children messed up? Given how toxic a father he was, even on good days, it wouldn't be unthinkable for him to just replace them, if he found them lacking. Unfortunately, we have no definitive answer yet on if The Umbrella Academy will come out in 2022, and its answers, are hopefully not too far away.

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