Where To Watch So Not Worth It Kdrama In English Sub Or Dub?

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Credit: Netflix

Yes, this Kdrama's title is So Not Worth It but I assure you that this will totally be worth your time!

So Not Worth It is a sitcom genre Kdrama that is definitely worth adding to your Kdrama watchlist. This series revolves around students who reside in a college dormitory. Well, if living with strangers sounds difficult as it is, these students are from different multicultural backgrounds.


So Not Worth It is written by Seo Eun-Jung and Baek Ji-Hyun and directed by Kwon Ik-Joon and Kim Jung-Sik.

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Here is Netflix's official synopsis for So Not Worth It:

"New friends, new loves, and new experiences mix together inside a colorful college dormitory in Korea that's home to students from around the world."

Who is the cast of So Not Worth It Kdrama?

So Not Worth It is the first Korean sitcom ever released through Netflix. The series features the bright and cheerful Se-Wan, a teaching assistant who is in charge of managing the international students inside the dormitory.

so not worth it kdrama
Credit: Netflix

Shin Hyun-Seung portrays the character of Jamie, a new college student who came from America. Sam is played by GOT7's Youngjae. His character is a Korean-Australian who grew up in Australia and is the son of the president of an Australian tteokbokki restaurant chain.

Korean girl group (G)I-DLE's Minnie also stars as Minnie, a student from Thailand who is a huge fan of Korean dramas. Then, there's Han Hyun-min who plays a character by the same name. He is a Korean student who couldn't be living inside the dormitory so he has to shuttle about 5 hours every day just to go to school.

gidle minnie so not worth it kdrama
Credit: Netflix

In addition, Carson Allen plays the role of Carson, Se-wan's American roommate who is deeply in love with Korean food. Joakim Sorensen plays Hans, a Swedish graduate student who has his own principles. And Terris Brown as Terris, a graduate student from Trinidad and Tobago who is tagged as a casanova.


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Where to watch So Not Worth It Kdrama in English sub or dub?

We know you want to have a fun time watching this college humor Kdrama and good news because you're up for some treats!

got7 youngjae so not worth it kdrama
Credit: Netflix

Kdrama fans, and of course, fans of the actors themselves, can anticipate watching So Not Worth It as it is available for online streaming on Netflix. It premiered on June 18, 2021, and runs for a total of 12 episodes.

So Not Worth It has English subtitles. The best thing is that it also has subtitles in Spanish and Chinese. The Kdrama is also dubbed in languages of English, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin.

So Not Worth It Kdrama trailer


The trailer for So Not Worth It is simply promising!

Briefly introducing the students who are living inside the dormitory, this sitcom-based Kdrama definitely is a humorous point of view to the college life of international students.

Some phenomenal scenes in the trailer also piqued interest for the Kdrama. Specifically, Minnie's comical portrayal of a Kdrama addict and her comedy chemistry with GOT7's Youngjae.

Aside from the cheerful atmosphere and fun-filled episodes, fans can also anticipate special cameos from famous Korean stars like singer-songwriter Yoon Jong-shin, comedian Lee Soo Geun, former ssireum champion Kang Ho Dong, and actors Jeon Jin Woon and Im Won Hee.


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