What Is Spy X Family Anime About?

Written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo, Spy X Family is a manga series that was serialized biweekly on Shonen Jump+ application in March 2019. It was serialized for free and the chapters can be collected in 8 tankobon volumes as of this writing. The English version of the manga was released in North America after Viz Media acquired a license over the series.

It was recently announced that CloverWorks and Wit Studio will adapt the anime. The said series will be released in 2022. This should not be a surprise as the manga got first place at the Next Manga Awards 2019 for the web manga category. It sold 800,000 copies in circulation for its second volume, two million for the third volume, and three million for the fourth volume.

What Is Spy X Family Anime About?

What Is Spy X Family Anime About?
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What Is Spy X Family Anime About?

Spy X Family follows a spy named Twilight who was from Westalis. He is known for his amazing combat, information processing ability, and memory. He is good at disguising himself and changing his name for each mission but his code name is Twilight. His recent mission is called Operation Strix in which he would need to enroll a child in a prestigious school.

The requirement of the school is to have both parents present which encouraged Twilight to create a false family. He adopted Anya and married Yor for this operation. He disguised as a psychiatrist at Berlint General Hospital.

What Twilight does not know is that Yor is actually a professional assassin called Thorn Princess. She pretends to be a female employee at Berlint City Hall. She agreed to the fake marriage even if she does not know Twilight’s true identity. She even thought that Anya was his real child.

Anya is the little girl Twilight adopted for the mission. She can read the thoughts of other people, making her the only person who knows the situation of the family. She is really 4 or 5 years old but she pretended to be 6 just so Twilight will adopt her. She was a test subject with the name Subject 007 but escaped to live the life she wanted.

The last member of the family is Bond who is the pet of the family. He was a test subject like Anya and was called Subject 8. He has the ability to look into the future but this can only happen when Anya uses her telepathy skills.

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