What Is Ghostbusters Afterlife Rated and Is It Safe for Kids?

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Whether or not you're a longtime fan of the Ghostbusters, franchise, you might have noticed that "mini-pufts" are back in fashion! Covid allowing a sequel, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is scheduled for an autumn 2021 release date, and it looks true to the spirit of originals but also quite fresh and adapted to modern standards. A major difference is that, in Afterlife, the main characters, who form a new generation of ghostbusters, are quite younger. But does this mean that the supernatural comedy is for kids?

At the moment, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is not widely available, since its official release date hasn't come to pass. Therefore, we have limited definitive information about the film's creepiest and most mature scenes. Thankfully, a little research can take you a long way, so we've gathered what information there is, to help you decide if you can watch Ghostbusters: Afterlife with children.


If you're unsure regarding whether a film is safe for kids, or simply want to know its rating, Common Sense Media can be a useful tool. The website even has an entry about Ghostbusters: Afterlife, but bear in mind that the authors invite worried parents to return after the 11th of November for a full review.

What we do know so far, is that the Motion Picture Association of America has rated Ghostbusters: Afterlife as PG-13 meaning that it's generally considered safe for children 13 years old or older. MPAA explains that this rating is because the paranormal activity depicted in the film could upset younger children, and there might be some profanity and suggestive references.

Common Sense Media, for its part, suggests that the movie will be ok for any children over the age of 11. Overall, the franchise is known for being as funny as it's scary, so what horrors we do see feel more light-hearted due to the humor. Judging from what is currently available to young viewers, Ghostbusters: Afterlife would probably not be too unsettling for pre-teens and teens, but with younger kids, things would be a bit trickier.


Deciding whether or not to let a child watch Ghostbusters can be a hard call since the movie is an odd combination of horror and fun. Take the trailer, for instance: the "mini-pufts" are incredibly cute, but, since they're more or less living marshmallows this time around, they're seen doing unsettling things.

Whether or not this is too upsetting depends on the individual child, as some can get really scared with horror movies while others never mind them much. At the end of the day, the parents should know their child, and the content of the movie, to make an informed decision that works best for their family.

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