26 Jul 2018 2:23 PM +00:00 UTC

What If Dragon Ball Z Characters Invade Pokemon Games?

Dragon Ball and Pokemon are two of the biggest anime franchises but we'll probably never see an official crossover between them because it would be just damn weird. The intense violence of Dragon Ball fights just doesn't fit with the family-friendly Pokemon world. However, an amateur game developer who goes by Z-Max on YouTube brought the two popular Japanese franchises together when he developed a version of an old Pokemon role-playing game with characters from Dragon Ball Z

Watch it below: 


As much as we love the classic Pokemon games, seeing Saiyans and other Z fighters being summoned by Pokemon trainers just looks wrong. The turn-based fights just don't reflect the kind of action we love to watch in Dragon Ball but it's fun to imagine Goku and his gang fight Pokemon-style. The video highlights minor characters like Raditz and Krillin so I'm not sure why he didn't include Frieza or Vegeta in this one. 

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