What Disney Princesses Would Look Like if They Become Lightsaber-Wielding Jedi

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We've seen dozens of Disney princesses and Jedi mashups before (such as this epic art series ). With Disney now owning the Star Wars franchise, it makes sense that we've started seeing more of these kinds of mashups in the past decade. It would actually be exciting to see Disney princesses take down villains like Ursula, Cruella de Vil, and Captain Hook with lightsabers. 


Now a group of cosplayers called the Jedi Princess Squad (via GeeksAreSexy) decided to dress up as Disney characters with their own unique Star Wars twists. You'd probably remember their work in their previous photo shoot in which they're seen in Disney inspired Slave Leia costumes. They even brought their own Beast: Chewbacca. In addition to their creative costumes, some of the princesses wield their own unique lightsabers, like Belle's Lumiere-saber and Ariel's Trident-saber. These are the types of cosplays I'd like to see in conventions. Check out some of the photos below: 


The photos were done by @Isharma, and you can check out the individual credits for the photos here:

Peter Pan by bboyspiderman. Mulan by Rian Synnth. Snow White by Amber Arden. Ariel is modeled by MaidofMight. Belle by Elizabeth Rage. Aurora by Hana Kima.  Jasmine by Milynn Sarley. Beast/Chewbacca by Daniel Young. Rapunzel by Reagan Kathryn