What Book Is Apple TV’s ‘Silo’ Based On?

Juliette looking forward
Credit: Apple TV+

Juliette looking forward
Credit: Apple TV+

Book adaptations are not new, but they’re something people always look forward to. Silo is Apple TV’s science fiction dystopian series set in a post-apocalyptic world. So, what book is Silo based on?

Silo consists of 10 episodes, with Rebecca Ferguson (Dune and Mission Impossible films) starring in the lead role. The story follows a community of survivors living in a silo (a cylindrical tower used for bulk storage).

The people there do not know who built the silo, and why they are underground. They only know that the world outside their sanctuary is death.

There is order in the silo as long as the inhabitants follow the rules and do not say they want to go outside, or else they will go outside. But inhabitants start questioning the world beyond, and one of them seeks to find out the truth.

Sounds like a dystopian science fiction plot. So, what book is Apple TV’s Silo based on? Silo is based on the Silo book series by American author Hugh Howey, with Wool as the first novel in the series.

What Book is the 'Silo' TV Series Based On?

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Credit: Apple TV+

"If the lies don't kill you, the truth will."

Silo is based on the post-apocalyptic science fiction book series of the same name written by Hugh Howey. Howey self-published Wool in 2011 and intended for it to be a standalone story only.

However, following Wool’s success, Howey wrote more books (Shift and Dust). Wool also has a graphic novel. So, if the Apple TV series becomes a hit, we can expect more seasons to come.

What is ‘Silo’ About?

The inhabitants of Silo gathering
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Credit: Apple TV+

"We do not know when it will be safe to go outside. We only know that day is not today."

As in the book Wool, Silo is set in a post-apocalypse and dystopian future where a community exists in a giant silo hundreds of stories underground.

The story mainly involves characters uncovering the mysteries and secrets surrounding the silo. Apple TV summarizes the Silo series this way:

In a ruined and toxic future, thousands live in a giant silo deep underground. After its sheriff breaks a cardinal rule and residents die mysteriously, engineer Juliette starts to uncover shocking secrets and the truth about the silo.

As in dystopian stories, the characters are in a society where there are many rules and regulations that are “meant to protect” them.

This community is the last 10,000 humans living on the planet Earth, and they’re living in a silo with 144 floors.

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Credit: Apple TV+

Leading the series is Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette, an engineer looking for answers after someone she was close with ends up getting murdered. Mysterious things start happening, and Juliette wants to find out what’s being kept from them.

“Juliette is constantly seeking the truth. The truth about the bigger question of why they’re there… But Juliette finding out the truth creates a domino effect into huge chaos,” said actress Rebecca Ferguson.

Inhabitants of the silo start questioning what’s outside the silo. They start thinking that maybe what they see is not what’s actually out there. Thus, there’s a threat to the order of the silo versus finding out the truth.

“Some mysteries, they’re best left unsolved,” as Bernard suggests.

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The Cast of Apple TV’s Dystopian TV Series ‘Silo’

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Credit: Apple TV+

Rebecca Ferguson, who also serves as executive producer, stars as Juliette, an engineer who seeks answers about a murder and eventually seeks to find out more about the secrets of the silo.

She is joined by an ensemble cast that includes Academy Award winner Tim Robbins (Castle Rock), Emmy nominee David Oyelowo (Nightingale), Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation), Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), Common (Hell on Wheels), Harriet Walter (Succession), Chinaza Uche (Dickinson), Will Patton (Outer Range), Geraldine James (Anne with an E), and Avi Nash (The Walking Dead).

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Bernard angry
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Credit: Apple TV+

Tim Robbins plays Bernard, the head of the IT department who later on gains more power. David Oyelowo plays Sheriff Holston, while Rashida Jones plays his wife Allison, a person who works in the IT Department and uncovers secrets.

Iain Glen plays Dr. Nichols, a physician and Juliette’s father. Common plays Sims, a man in charge of the security of the Judicial Division. Harriet Walter plays Martha, a person Juliette trusts.

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Credit: Apple TV+

Chinaza Uche plays Billings, someone who’s part of the Judicial department. Will Patton plays Deputy Marnes, someone who serves Sheriff Holston.

Geraldine James plays Mayor Jahns, the leader of the Silo society, and Avi Nash plays Lukas, someone who works in the IT Department.

The supporting cast also includes Shane McRae as Knox, Matt Gomez Hidaka as Cooper, Rick Gomez as Patrick Kennedy, Lee Drage as Franky Brown, Henry Garrett as Douglas Trumbull, Will Merrick as Danny, and Paul Herzberg as Kilroy.

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What is the Age Rating for Apple TV's ‘Silo’?

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Credit: Apple TV+

While dystopian science fiction movies and series often attract younger ages, Silo may not be suitable for younger viewers or children below 17 years of age.

The series is rated TV-MA, meaning it is only for the “Mature Audience”. Thus, the series includes content that may not be appropriate for younger ages.

You can watch the trailer for Apple TV’s Silo series below:

The synopsis of Silo, as provided by Apple TV+:

In a ruined and toxic future, thousands live in a giant silo deep underground. After its sheriff breaks a cardinal rule and residents die mysteriously, engineer Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) starts to uncover shocking secrets and the truth about the silo.

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