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What Are the Nine-Tailed Beasts in Naruto?

The Naruto series introduced anime fans to tailed beasts or Chakra Monsters. These are nine gigantic living forms that are made of chakra by Sage of Six Paths or Hagoromo Otsutsuki, a god-like figure who is the founder of ninshu. The said beasts came from the chakra of the Ten-Tails, a combined form of Kaguya Otsutsuki and the God Tree.

Hagoromo Otsutsuki named the beasts according to the number of their tails. He also told the beasts that one day, they will be brought together again like how they originally were. When that day comes, that person will show them the true meaning of power. In the anime, it was shown that the person being referred to was Naruto Uzumaki, the jinchuriki of Kurama, the nine tails.

  1. Shukaku

    Also known as One-Tail, Shukaku is part of the tailed beasts. He had three jinchuriki: Bunpuku, the shinobi who inspired the Third Kazekage to develop the Sand fighting style, and Gaara. Among the nine-tailed beasts, Shukaku is short-tempered and childish. He gives off a drunkard vibe whenever he speaks because it is usually incoherent.

    He used to hate humans as he was always treated and viewed as a monster used as a weapon. But his perspective changed when his relationship with Gaara improved. He also respects Naruto. The sandy-brown-colored tanuki possesses a huge amount of chakra. He can create a Tailed Beast Ball and also has immense physical strength. His ninjutsu are Sand Manipulation and Nature Transformation.

  2. Matatabi

    Matatabi is the Two-Tails. He was sold to Kumogakure along with Gyuki by Hashirama Senju during the First Shinobi World War. He was sealed within Yugito Nii when she was young. She was the last known jinchuriki of Matatabi. Unlike Shukaku, Matatabi is polite and respectful to others.

    The tailed beast looks like an odd-eyed cat with heterochromatic eyes. He is engulfed in flames that can increase in size whenever Yugito unleashes it. He can also create the Tailed Beast Ball and use fire release to develop fireballs. His raw strength can easily crush any opponent add the fact that it has great speed that can send the enemy away in one swipe.

  3. Isobu

    The Three-Tails was last sealed inside Yagura Karatachi of Kirigakure. He was sold, together with Saiken, to Kirgakure during the Five Kage Summit by Hashirama Senju to create peace and balance among the villages. After some decades, Kirigakure was manipulated by Madara Uchiha and sealed Isobu within Rin Nohara as a way to create havoc in Konoha. The plan failed and Isobu was sealed next to Yagura, who is the Fourth Mizukage.

    Unfortunately, Yagura was put under a genjutsu made by Obito Uchiha and Isobu was dispelled after the Mizukage’s death. He disappeared after the Third Shinobi War according to Tsunade. Isobu was known to speak timidly. He looks like a giant turtle with a crab-like shell. His right eye is always closed as it was the only soft part in its body to cover its vulnerable spots.

    Like the rest of the tailed beasts, Isobu can create the Tailed Beast Ball. His other abilities are to create coral, to swim fast, and to produce hallucinogenic mist. In terms of ninjutsu, he can create shockwaves, create miniature versions of what he ate to speed up the digestion process, and use Space-Time Ninjutsu.

  4. Son Goku

    Also known as Seiten Taisei Son Goku, Son Goku is the Four-Tails. He was sold to Iwagakure with Kokuo by Hashirama Senju during the First Shinobi World War. He was last sealed within Roshi who left his own village to learn more about how to control the tailed beast. Son Goku is a prideful tailed beast and hates being called Four Tails.

    He hates humans and even defends that apes are better than humans in terms of intelligence. Despite this, he was fond of Naruto after the Seventh Hokage saved him from Tobi. The green-skinned money has red fur with a build of a gorilla. He has a huge amount of chakra that can create a Tailed Beast Ball. He has knowledge of Taijutsu and can use it during battles with its immense physical strength. For its ninjutsu, he can use Earth and Fire release. He can also combine the two to develop Lava release that can create volcanoes.

  5. Kokuo

    As mentioned, the Five-Tails was sold with Son Goku to Iwagakure by Hashirama Senju. The objective was to create a balance of power. He was originally sealed within Han but he was extracted by Akatsuki. He was reserved, polite, and quiet. He was dismayed that he was used as a puppet by Tobi during the Fourth Shinobi World War and decided to live in the forest instead after the war was over.

    Kokuo looks like a white horse with a dolphin’s head. He can create a Tailed Beast Ball with his immense chakra. He is also the tailed beast who was able to break free during Tobi’s control but it was just briefly. He has immense strength and can use its horns during combat. Like Son Goku, Kokuo can combine two nature chakra: fire and water. This can create Boil Release, in which Kokuo increases the temperature of the chakra.

  6. Saiken

    Saiken or Six-Tails was captured by Hashirama Senju. With Isobu, he was sold to Kirigakure as a sign of friendship and balance. He was sealed within Utakata. Harusame, a Kirigakure shinobi and master of Utakata, tried to remove Saiken from Utakata for the fear that Utakata will become a living weapon. The jinchuriki thought that his master just wanted to kill him so he transformed into Saiken and killed Harusame instead.

    The Six-Tails uses a different dialect with a high-pitched voice. He is also kinder and has a good relationship with his jinchuriki. The bipedal slug is covered with a slimy substance that is used to release a sticky and adhesive substance from its mouth. He is known for its durability and massive chakra. He can also release corrosive substances and use Soap Bubble Ninjutsu.

  7. Chomei

    Also known as Seven Tails, Chomei was affiliated with Takigakure. He was the only tailed beast not owned by the Five Great Shinobi Countries. HE was sealed within Fu after some decades. This might be the reason Chomei has a bright personality as Fu was known to have the same vibe. Originally, he looks like an armored beetle with seven tails that look like insect wings.

    Aside from the Tailed Beast Ball, Chomei can release a blinding powder and other insect-based attacks. He can also fly and create a Cocoon that can slow down Chakra Absorption Techniques. Chomei is known for its immense durability as well as it can withstand being slammed by Kurama.

  8. Gyuki

    Gyuki is part of the nine-tailed beasts. The Eight-Tails was captured by Hashirama Senju and was sold to Kumogakure along with Matatabi. No jinchuriki can control Gyuki, including Blue B. He would usually go on a rampage and destroy the village. The rampage stopped when Orochimaru gave Blue B genjutsu-inducing pills. The ushi-oni tailed beast with four long horns on his head was then sealed inside Killer B.

    The Eight-Tails has a serious and tough image that usually speaks rudely. He is known to have a good analytical ability that can help Killer B during fights. Gyuki can replenish its chakra reserves faster than other tailed beasts. In fact, his tentacles can be used as a medium for chakra. He is also known to have amazing physical strength, immense speed, and high durability.

  9. Kurama

    The most powerful tailed beast is Kurama or the Nine-Tails. He was known to swallow the Gold and Silver Brothers of Kumogakure in their attempt to capture Kurama. What is surprising is that they survived by eating its flesh for two weeks and gained power. Kurama was then controlled by Madara Uchiha and forced the fox to fight against Hashirama Senju.

    Hashirama won and decided to seal the fox within Mito Uzumaki, the wife of Hashirama. Mito then passed on the responsibility to Kushina Uzumaki, who was the wife of Minato Namikaze and mother of Naruto Uzumaki. When Naruto was born, Tobi extracted Kurama from Kushina and destroyed the village. Minato placed a Contract Seal on the tailed beast and together with Kushina, the both of them sealed the tailed beast within their son, Naruto.

    After everything that Kurama has been through, it was not surprising how much he hates humans. He is snarky and shrewd with huge pride in his power. Everything changed when Naruto promised him that he hoped that he can help Kurama resolve his hatred. Kurama started to respect the shinobi and helped Naruto became the most powerful shinobi.

    The red-orange fox with nine long tails is known to be the strongest out of all the tailed beasts. He can easily replenish its chakra and even share it with the entire Allied Shinobi Forces. He can also create a Tailed Beast Ball and even supercharge it that can beat five Tailed Beast Balls from other tailed beasts. Kurama can also create destructive shockwaves, adept sensor skills, accumulate natural energy to create senjutsu chakra, and use Wind and Fire Nature Transformations.

    If those were not enough, Kurama has high intelligence that allows him to formulate strategies during battle. He can be cunning too that can put him and Naruto at the advantage. The fox has leadership skills as well that can instruct his allies on how they can win the battle.

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