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What Are the Breathing Techniques in Demon Slayer and Are They Real?

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, fans were introduced to breathing styles. These are swordsmanship styles that require the use of a breathing technique called Total Concentration Breathing. To become a strong Demon Slayer, the swordsman must learn how to use these techniques in combat.

Avid Demon Slayer fans must have noticed that the word breathing style and techniques are usually mentioned in the series. It was first mentioned during Tanjiro’s training. But what are these techniques really? Are these techniques based on real-life or real people? Continue reading to find out.

What Are the Breathing Techniques in Demon Slayer?

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As mentioned, breathing techniques are used to improve the breathing style of demon slayer. Total Concentration Breathing is a technique in which a demon slayer or a user inhales a huge amount of oxygen and incorporates it into a specific breathing pattern. The objective of this technique is to improve one’s mental and physical prowess.


The technique can boost the abilities of the user to the point of having superhuman physical characteristics like improved stamina, speed, and strength, among others. Other skills that one can improve are hyper-information processing and maximized concentration. The said technique can even clot wounds from severe injuries and slow down the circulation of poison in one’s bloodstream.

In order to master this technique, the user must practice and put a lot of effort into it. The series showed a training process in which Tanjiro practiced by blowing a durable gourd. The goal is to break the gourd by simply blowing inside. The gourd is replaced with something bigger to improve the mastery of the technique.

Are the Breathing Techniques Real?

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According to Healthline, deep breathing exercises can improve the performance of athletes and even soldiers. It can also reduce stress. One example made by Looper is Wim Hof who is known for a unique breathing technique. He earned the title in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest to run a half marathon barefoot.


He can even submerge himself for almost 2 hours in ice. If those are not enough, he has climbed Mount Everest, take note, in his shorts. It has been said that he uses a deep breathing method to combat the cold.

Although it might not be the same as what the Demon Slayer characters are doing, Wim Hof’s method has shown the great impact of deep breathing.

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