09 Nov 2018 12:07 PM +00:00 UTC

What 90’s Jams Will Captain Marvel Play? The Film’s Official Timeline Confirmed

Captain Marvel is going to be the second film of the MCU that will be a period piece, the first being Captain America: The First Avenger. Admittedly, calling these films "period pieces" is generous since The First Avenger was far from being a realistic portrayal of World War II and we doubt that Captain Marvel will be a realistic portrayal of the 1990's. Still, it will be fun seeing the fashion trends and music that were a part of that era and now we know when Carol Danvers' adventure will take place.

According to a rough translation from a Japanese website of Disney's, the movie will take place in 1995. Fans hoping to see some early Spice Girls work will be disappointed, though we could get a lot of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Guns N Roses, maybe even some Nirvana. It might not be Guardians of the Galaxy-levels of memorable but we're willing to be surprised.

"The stage was 1995. The story before the formation of the Avengers -.A mysterious woman descending from the sky into a video shop in Los Angeles. She was always bothered byflashback of "memories" that she did not remember, with astonishing tekara. And, it is aiming for the secret hidden in that memory, the unidentified enemies who change their appearance freely ....Captain Marvel will face up against the battle over his own memory with young Nick Fury, who eventually will form the strongest hero team "Avengers"! What is the secret hidden in her memory? Who the hell is she? When the truth becomes clear, everything covers."

Setting the movie in this era is going to be very interesting since it will also introduce us to young versions of Nick Fury and Phil Coulson. We'll even see Ronan the Accuser before he became a pawn of Thanos (or was he already one?) and the history of the Kree. The real mystery that has to be solved is why Carol hasn't been active since she arrived, which has plenty of appeal for us fans.

Fury contacted her via a beeper before he was erased by Thanos with Maria Hill, so expect her return to be a vengeful one. Whether we see the result of this at the end of the movie or before Avengers 4 is what has fans talking right now.

Captain Marvel comes out on March 2019.

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