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Westworld: Evan Rachel Wood Confirms Season One Theory

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Westworld is now back with its second season on HBO, and just like the first, it's already leaving fans with dozens of questions about Ford, Dolores, and a whole bunch of other things. A lot of debate has come with the end of the first season on whether Dolores and Maeve were able to make their own decisions or were simply following programming, and Evan Rachel Wood has come out to clarify things for the fans.

This was posted up on Reddit:

And there you have it. The debates can cease: they’re both sentient.

Right now, Dolores and Maeve have come to very different tangents in the narrative. As of now, Maeve is on a journey to find her daughter; Dolores, in the meantime, is gathering an army to take to "the valley beyond"—not to mention she's been going on a human murder spree.

With his brother Chis Nolan being such a fan of nonlinear storytelling, Jonathan Nolan is doing the same with Westworld, giving us glimpses of the present, future, and past. We have Dolores' massacre on the present; the drowned hosts and Bernard in the future; and William's story in the past. Let's hope we don't get too confused.

Catch Westworld 2, Sunday nights on HBO.

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