Westworld 2: Jeffrey Wright Talks Bernard’s Arc in the New Season

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Probably one of the biggest reveals in the first season of Westworld was the fact that Bernard was a host this entire time, and what's more, he's an exact replica of Ford's co-creator of the park, Arnold. Though it seems that Anthony Hopkins won't be back for the second season, Jeffrey Wright (Bernard) gives some insight on his character arc for Westworld 2.

Talking to Deadline, Wright explains:


"He's got some cognitive challenges as we enter the first episodes of season 2 and he has additional challenges that come up as he goes on board in terms of him being able to process."

Wright continues:

"Bernard is in a pretty peculiar, kind of unique position in that he's got certain allegiances to both sides and I think that's part of the consideration for him. I think given his robot brain situation and given kind of the social situation around him in terms of having been human and then discovering he's a host, but he's aspiring to kind of an awakening as the hosts are, the question for him at the beginning as you might expect is: ‘Where am I? Where am I in all of this?' We lead from there."

The situation of Bernard is definitely very unique, seeing that he's actually a host that's in charge of his fellow hosts. Coming out of the first season, Bernard is actually one of the more likeable characters in the show, and I'm interested to see where the world is going to take his story moving forward.

With the show skipping out on 2017, I'm hoping that the second season will end up just as amazing as the first. With Game of Thrones ending next year, a lot of people are looking at Westworld to be the new masthead of HBO's original series. Fingers crossed that turns out to be true.

Westworld 2 is set to air on HBO April 22.

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