Wendy's Corporate Social Media Account Begs for Theros Packs and MTG Answers

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Wendy's may not be the company you'd expect to provide Magic: The Gathering fans their gaming needs, but that doesn't mean that the American international fast food chain can't join the fun.

In a recent Twitter exchange with McDonald's and Target, Wendy's tweeted, "Aye, lemme get some gift cards to buy some more Theros Beyond Death packs. Trying to get that foil Thassa."

As MTG fans would know, Theros Beyond Death is the latest Magic set Wizards of the Coast just released last month. It's surprising to see that a fast food chain that doesn't sell Magic cards would mention the new expansion in a tweet, and even mentioned its knowledge of a valuable mythic rare card. Maybe they should sell a kind of Happy Meal that includes a Magic booster pack and let Magic players host tournaments in their fast food locations, like what Zippy's Giant Burgers recently did at Seattle.

Wendy's even replied with an in-reference Magic joke when Wizards replied:


Wendy's plus MTG. Sound slike a delicious combination. I hope we'll see both Wendy's and Wizards collaborate in the near future.

Theros Beyond Death is now available.

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