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Wednesday Creators Tease Romance Between Wednesday & Enid

With streaming services scrapping their sapphic-centered TV shows, fans are in the position to always hope that every TV series will present a romance between girls and give proper representation to the queer community. Wednesday, Netflix's most watched show, has given fans the most popular ship between Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair, and creators have teased that expanding their friendship to romance is not out of the question.

The show’s creators, Al Gough and Miles Millar, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and answered the question about the friendship between Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) and Enid (Emma Myers) and said it's possible it could turn into something more. Since the premiere of the show, fans have been advocating for a queer relationship between the girls.

“As Al said, this idea of sisterhood is key to the show. We’re not gonna discount anything, and, obviously, sometimes characters reveal themselves, which is the fun thing we love about television, that it’s an organic journey.” said Millar.

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He continued, “We have a roadmap, and we’d like to have routes along that map that take you in unexpected directions. So, we’re open to everything. We wanna explore that friendship in every way, but we’re not gonna be, this is where you sometimes get misdirected by fans and things like that, so it’s just being really open to see how those characters develop and that friendship.”

In a different interview, Ortega shared her thoughts with Pride about the “Wenclair.” She said, “In a perfect world, Wednesday and Enid would have been a thing.” She also told MTV News that she doesn’t see her character getting more romantically involved with Xavier, noting: “Now that Tyler’s off the table, I feel like she’s off boys for a while. I feel like she and Xavier are just getting to a safe place. I think there’s an opportunity there for a really sweet platonic relationship.”

Myers has also expressed her support for the lesbian romance between Wednesday and Enid. She reacted to the roommates meme with Elite Daily and said they are aware of the fans' campaign to transform the friendship into something more intimate. This meme is frequently used in fandoms to refer to characters who began as roommates and then evolved into romantic partners.

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Season one of Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.

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