Wedge Antilles and More Spotted in Star Wars: Squadrons Teaser

EA Motive had finally revealed "Project Maverick" to us yesterday, and a lot of fans are excited for Star Wars: Squadrons. Though the game comes with its own original characters and stories, we have teases for some fan favorites as well.

Besides Rebels' Hera Syndulla, you can also spot ace pilot Wedge Antilles in the preview. We don't really know what kind of role Wedge has in the story, but it would be great if he has an integral part; after all, he's the hero who helped blow up the second Death Star.

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Credit: EA Motive

Besides Wedge, Galaxy's Edge visitors have also spotted Mon Calamari Lieutenant Bek alongside Hera. While the game looks to be closer to the Rebellion era of Star Wars, Bek's role in Galaxy's Edge is actually to train Resistance fighters in the ride, Rise of the Resistance. It's great to see some other Star Wars properties bring in characters from other material.

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Credit: EA Motive

In the meantime, we still know very little about the game. We don't even have names for the main characters yet. While I'm all for piloting X-Wings and Y-wings, I'm curious if Squadrons is going to give players the opportunity to pilot some iconic ships like the Millennium Falcon or even Vader's TIE Advanced. I'd also love it if we get to control some of the gigantic capital ships, even just for a little bit.

For now, we still have no look at the gameplay of Squadrons, but I'm positive we'll get something before the October release. Catch Star Wars: Squadrons for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Oct. 2.

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