WB Reportedly Reveals Reason Why The Flash Film Can't be Canceled

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Credit: WB

The Ezra Miller drama continues to heat up as the actor is currently facing new allegations in relation to his violent behavior. Multiple "victims" have come out to testify against the 29-year-old star who is reportedly being hunted down by authorities at the moment.

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Credit: WB

For months, Warner Bros. and DC Films have maintained their silence regarding the matter but several reports surfaced over the last couple of weeks claiming that Ezra's DC Extended Universe career is done.

However, despite the backlash, WB is still determined to release The Flash next year and the possible reason behind it has reportedly been revealed.

According to a report from Variety which is centered on Ezra's victim from the viral 2020 choking incident, WB is still committed to releasing the film despite all of the negative publicity the project has been getting, all thanks to the lead star's behavior off-camera.

The outlet says that the studio can't afford to give The Flash a direct-to-HBO Max release, potentially re-shoot Miller's scenes with a new actor, or even scrap the film altogether simply because they've invested a ton of money on the project.

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When you think about it, WB's reported reason does make a ton of sense, especially from a business standpoint. However, as Ezra's personal troubles become more public, the actor's image is getting a lot more tainted. It's also quite evident that the fan interest surrounding the film has significantly decreased and truth be told, we don't even know if it will actually live up to its box office potential.

The Flash is currently scheduled for release on June 23, 2023.

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