WB Discovery Reportedly Trying to Conceal Identity of Amber Heard's Mera Replacement

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Credit: WB

The last couple of days have been monumental for the entire DC film and television franchise as Warner Bros. Discovery officially ushered in a brand new era with the rebranding of DC Films to DC Studios. The production outfit previously gave a fans a glimpse of what's to come but the question on everyone's mind still remains: does Amber Heard have a place in the "new" DC Universe?

Credit: WB

For years, Amber's true DCU status has puzzled the fandom and for a time, it looked like she wasn't going anywhere despite her slew of controversies. Now, with Warner Bros. Discovery overseeing all things DC, the actress' future is no longer as promising as it used to be.

DC scooper Syl Abdul claims that not only was the actress excluded from the most recent round of reshoots, but a new Mera actress was reportedly spotted on set. Abdul also noted that the identity of the said actress is being kept secret which could very well indicate that Warner Bros. Discovery has indeed replaced the controversial star.

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Last week, a report from The Hollywood Reporter shed new light on the production company's future plans for the now-rebranded DCU but intriguingly, Amber's status wasn't addressed. It's worth noting though that Ezra Miller is reportedly set to be recast as The Flash so it would be safe to assume that Amber will suffer the same fate.

I mean, they're rebuilding the franchise after all and I'd like to think that they'll remove any factor that could end up stirring controversy for the brand. Of course, that remains to be seen.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is scheduled for theatrical release on December 25, 2023.