WB Discovery Just Got Rid of the DCEU's Biggest Problem

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

We're definitely in the midst of a huge turning point for the DC Extended Universe as Walter Hamada has officially stepped down from his role as DC Films president after four years of service. As per Deadline, the divisive executive who has been with Warner Bros. for 15 years "is waiting for the senior Warner Bros Discovery brass to finalize his exit payout".

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Credit: WB

Reports about his exit first circulated a few months ago with WB Discovery actively searching for his replacement. Hamada was named DC Films president in 2018 and has been seen by many as the franchise's biggest problem along with other executives like Geoff Johns thanks to their questionable creative decisions for the brand.

His contract was renewed just last year in a deal that would have seen him overseeing the DCEU until 2023. However, the drastic shakeup following the WB Discovery merger has apparently shortened his stay in the company.

As it stands, Zaslav and company have yet to appoint DC Films' new boss after negotiations with Dan Lin fell short. As for Hamada, the 54-year-old executive has yet to break his silence regarding the matter.

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Previous reports say that Hamada's decision to exit the franchise was his own personal choice but the fact that Zaslav allowed it to happen so quickly seems to indicate that he certainly had no plans of keeping him as DC Films president anyway. Black Adam star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson also seemed to have thrown shade at Hamada and the previous WB regime for not giving what the fans have been clamoring for years now.

DC's Black Adam is hitting cinemas this Friday, October 21st.

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