29 Jul 2020 11:02 AM +00:00 UTC

Watchmen Showrunner Happy With Emmy Nominations but Won't Return for a Second Season

HBO's Watchmen series shocked the world twice, not just with its surprising quality and faithfulness to the source material but also due to how the show has swept The Emmys. Obviously, with all this success, showrunner Damon Lindelof has been quite happy with how the show has made an impact with people. However, despite all the success and praise this HBO series has received, Lindelof states that he will not return for a second season.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lindelof talked about the success of Watchmen and how he's happy that everyone involved could be nabbing an Emmy. After all, 26 Emmy nominations are definitely something to brag about and Lindelof is actually showing some nice humility by being happy for his colleagues.

However, when asked about a possible Watchmen Season 2, Lindelof gave the same answer he's given before; the showrunner would rather not return but is more than open to having a different person give it a go. Lindelof and his team of writers told the story they wanted and everyone who participated in this project should be proud of their work, especially since it has all the Emmy nominations.

"I'm so proud of the work that we all did. But this show only worked because other [writers] told the story and I got out of the way, and that was not easy for me. I'm not saying this because I'm being modest; I'm a narcissist, for sure, but in the case of Watchmen, the magic occurred and that could never be replicated."
"I hope there's more Watchmen. I really feel like that space is now open for others to come and play in, and I really look forward to what they do with it."

We really can't blame Lindelof for this since he told a pretty grand story that felt standalone while also paying tribute to its source material. It uses a number of storytelling tropes well and manages to hit on some relevant themes, even angering some viewers who claim to be "real fans" of the comics.

Fans can check out Watchmen on HBO and HBO Max.

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