Watchmen: New Stills of Ozymandias in Costume and The Ex-Silk Spectre

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HBO's Watchmen continues to amaze, and the last episode finally introduced us to ex-Silk Spectre Laurie Blake. We have some new images of Laurie from the show, plus another look at Ozymandias wearing his old costume from the comics.

These were shared by the official DC page on Twitter:

While I was initially bummed that we didn't get to meet Laurie in the pilot episode, it all kind of makes sense when she's finally introduced. If anything, Jean Smart's Laurie Blake absolutely steals all of her scenes. While Silk Spectre was a more bland character in the comics, she has now grown to be more cynical, not unlike her father Edward Blake a.k.a. The Comedian.


In the lore, it's actually revealed that Laurie and Nite Owl were arrested back in the 90s, and Laurie had assumed the new persona of "The Comedienne." Now it kind of makes sense why she's always getting the best lines in the episode. I wonder how that evolves moving into future episodes.

As for Ozymandias, Jeremy Irons kind of looks silly wearing the suit, then again, I think that's what the show is going for. After all, Adrian Veidt has grown old in the series, and it would make sense that he wouldn't have the same stature he had back in the 80s. I would love to see some iteration of the classic costumes from the comics, but I understand if the show would choose to focus on the more pressing issues with the new characters.

For now, catch Watchmen Sunday nights on HBO.

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