19 Dec 2019 1:15 PM +00:00 UTC

Watchmen: Damon Lindelof Had One Major Regret About Season 1

There is little doubt that the first season of Watchmen was perfect just as it is. However, series creator Damon Lindelof has admitted he had one major regret about the HBO show and it has a lot to do with one character who was connected to the original graphic novel.

Lindelof recently spoke to Collider about working on Watchmen and he had a surprising admission about the first season. Interestingly, the showrunner confirmed that he wanted to explore Lady Trieu's backstory more thoroughly on the series because he loved what actress Hong Chau did for the character.

"If there are any regrets, it's that we didn't get to dimensionalize Lady Trieu as much as we did in the writer's room, on the screen. Especially given, in my opinion, the magnitude of Hong's performance," Lindelof confessed. "I just thought she was fantastic."


So why didn't Lindelof choose to delve into Lady Trieu's origins? Not surprisingly, it has a lot to do with the limited episode count. Although he tried, there just wasn't enough time.

"It was one of those things where we got into the endgame of the season, and it felt like we were moving back too much, between Episode 7 and 8. We talked about Lady Trieu's childhood, how she became who she was. But, a lot of her backstory got shorthanded between what Bian is saying to Angela and Lady Trieu is saying to Angela, in Episode 7," Lindelof said.

There is little doubt that Lady Trieu was one of the most interesting characters on Watchmen since she is somehow connected to the characters from the original comic book. Although it would have been awesome to see more of her, we still learned just enough to understand what made her important.

Did you think Lady Trieu needed more screentime on the first season of Watchmen? Sound off in the comments below.

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