24 Sep 2018 7:19 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Recreate the Interrogation Scene from The Dark Knight

Tommy Wiseau has found himself under the spotlight once again after the release of James Franco’s The Disaster Artist. He has since then gotten a renewed following online and even went viral with an ‘audition tape’ of himself trying out for the Joker role. Now he’s teamed up with The Room’s Greg Sestero to recreate the infamous interrogation scene from The Dark Knight.

Here’s the original scene, if you want a refresher:

Personally, the video is very cringe-y, and it’s pretty hard to sit through the whole thing. Not only does Wiseau deliver lines terribly (as he’s known for), but Sestero himself also isn’t doing a great job being Batman. I don’t know if it was serious, but maybe Sestero was just trying to have fun with the part as well.

This video actually comes with the promotion of Sestero and Wiseau’s latest collaboration Best F(r)iends. The trailer had actually come out last year, and now it’s announced that it will be available to purchase on iTunes Sept. 25.


It’s worth noting that this movie is Volume I, so we should expect some more collaborations between Sestero and Wiseau somewhere down the line.

Wiseau had made a name for himself for starring, producing, and writing The Room which had gotten cult status as the “worst movie ever made.” The movie was so famously bad, but that never meant that it wasn’t enjoyable. There have been annual screenings of The Room, and Wiseau even pops up to do Q&A’s from time to time.

Best F(r)iends comes to iTunes on Sept. 25.

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