11 Apr 2018 2:12 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch This Ridiculous A Quiet Place/The Office Parody: A Dwight Place

John Krasinski’s directorial debut, A Quiet Place, is doing remarkably well in the box office, and a lot of his fans can’t help but point out an episode in The Office where everyone had to be completely silent. Now someone has come up with a fun trailer for remixing the preview of A Quiet Place with clips from The Office.

Though the video also gets clips from the “Quiet Streak” in Dunder Mifflin, they also use clips of Dwight’s weird cousin Mose. It’s just silly watching Krasinski look so worried, then the shot is intercut with a clip of Mose in his “Fear” sweater.

Just for perspective, here’s the cold open from The Office where everyone goes on their quiet streak.


With Jordan Peele’s Get Out being such a huge hit this year, it’s a funny coincidence that another comedic actor, Krasinski, is getting a lot of praise for a horror film which is his first directorial feature as well. Peele does have the advantage, though, since he wrote Get 0ut; even nabbing an Oscar for his work. Krasinski was working on a script from Bryan Woods and Scott Beck.

Catch A Quiet Place which is now in theaters.

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