Watch This Korean Guy's Crazy Overwatch Lego Builds

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Take a minute few minutes off and check out this Korean guy’s crazy Overwatch Lego builds. He’s made some fully poseable figures out of Lego, and they totally kick ass!

I can’t really read Korean, but the video does have a Piggy Brother credit in the beginning — plus, Google Translating his name gives you “Pig Mold.” In the video, he shows you his builds for characters Reinhardt, Mercy, Genji, Torbjorn, D. Va, and Bastion, and boy are they cool.


The work is absolutely amazing! The figures aren’t just poseable, they’re fully customizable as well. You can adjust the flames on Rein’s hammer and have Genji’s sword sheathed or unsheathed. He’s even got three different verison of Torb’s turret, and you can even bring his faceguard down. Even Mercy’s wings adjust to have them either folded or outstretched.

My jaw absolutely dropped when he transformed his Bastion into the turret configuration. It’s enough to get the standing Bastion right, but the turret mode was way beyond expectations. Also D. Va! Did you know you can fit the figure inside the mech?

All this stuff is just amazing, and a lot of fans are just left wondering when we’re going to get some more official Overwatch figures from Blizzard. Someone call this guy up and make him design some Lego sets, stat!

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