Watch The Tense First Five Minutes Of Syfy's Nightflyers

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It looks like the new Syfy series Nightflyers isn't going to waste any time and head straight into the action this December. The lengthy sneak peek into the pilot episode features the gripping first five minutes of the show and it immediately sets the pace for the sci-fi horror.

The sneak peek opens with Dr. Agatha Matheson (Gretchen Mol) desperately propelling herself in zero gravity across a spaceship. She is covered in blood, which doesn't seem to faze her but certainly adds a sense of urgency. As soon as she finds what appears to be a recorder, a bloody hand is shown turning the artificial gravity on in the vessel, sending Matheson to the ground. Nevertheless, she rises and begins recording a message confirming that there are fatalities and structural damages on the Nightflyer.


Suddenly, somebody begins to whistle, causing her to pause. Matheson quickly hides under the tables as Rowan (Angus Sampson) walks into the room. He continues to whistle as he inspects the room but eventually leaves. It is then when Matheson finishes her message.

"This is a warning, not a distress call," she says. "Do not board the ship. Do not bring the Nightflyer back to Earth."

The rest of the sneak peek is suspenseful and bloody but it certainly confirms that the series has a dark tone. If the rest of the show is anything like the first five minutes of the pilot, then we are truly in for a wild ride.

Nightflyers is based on the novella by George R.R. Martin. The series will premiere on Syfy on December 2

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