Watch The LEGO Movie Characters Provide the Inflight Safety Video for Turkish Airlines

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With the LEGO Movie 2 set to come out early next year, it makes sense that they should start marketing the movie as early as now. Just in Turkish Airlines has given us a look at their new safety video provided by Emmett, Wyldstyle, and friends.


Check it out:

You’ll also notice that the video features more than just the LEGOMovie characters. We also get cameos from the LEGO Batman film, and there’s also some faces from the LEGO Ninjago movie.

If you listen closely, you’ll notice that they couldn’t get the original stars to provide the voices for their characters in the video. I do have to say that Batman does pretty much sound like Will Arnett. I think that line from the green ninja looks like it was lifted straight from the film because it sounds just like Dave Franco.


Even without the original voice actors, the animation is still pretty topnotch. Just in case you didn’t know, the LEGO Movie is completely CGI animated. It’s only made to look like stop motion. I’m sure a lot of LEGO enthusiasts will also enjoy the build of a lot of the interior of the plane.

Catch The LEGO Movie2: The Second Part when it hits theaters Feb. 8, 2019.

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