27 Oct 2020 4:15 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch the Honest Trailer for The Mandalorian Before the Season 2 Premiere


The Mandalorian is set to come back to Disney+ this Friday, and as usual Screen Junkies has dropped thir Honest Trailer take on the first season. You’d think they would have one by now, but it’s the perfect time to hype up the premiere of Season 2.

Watch this:




After the prequels literally ruined his childhood, follow this wandering bounty hunter on a tale of redemption—in between a bunch of actual wandering, as he jets from exotic locales to less exotic locales, to a quick detour to Mos Nostalgia to pick up delivery of Easter Eggs.


If anything, the Trailer actually mentions the supposed issues with Star Wars behind the scenes, what with everyone blaming Disney for ‘ruining Star Wars’ but the same company also giving us The Mandalorian. While a lot of people like to blame Lucasfilm director Kathleen Kennedy for the missteps, I firmly believe it’s really Disney pulling all the strings that lead to Star Wars’ recent blunders. No amount of Dave Filoni or Jon Favreau worship is going to address the real culprit.

Personally, I thought The Mandalorian was okay. My biggest gripe really is that the episodes are too short. If they managed to extend them to an hour to give time for characters to really breathe and develop, I think it would ultimately help the show.

For now, the second season of The Mandalorian is set to hit Disney+ on Oct. 30.

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