WATCH: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Fan Edit Gives Us the Ending We Deserve



Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker continues to be a mixed bag among fans and though this movie does have its fans, pretty much everyone can agree that it felt like nostalgia bait more than anything else. It also could have had better fanservice in the end since Rey just using basic lightsaber techniques to reflect Palpatine’s Force Lightning was pretty anticlimactic. Thankfully, this awesome fan edit has appeared and goes full Goblet of Fire by having the spirit of various Jedi helping Rey beat Palpatine.

Why wasn’t this in the original movie?

I know there are some people who claim that The Rise of Skywalker is more than just some neat fanservice but they are pretty wrong. The fact that so many plot elements came from theories on Reddit was already pretty bad since it didn’t follow the various threads from The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens



That being said, the fact that it was packed to the brim with nostalgia and fanservice makes its anti-climactic ending even more annoying. Why not go full fanservice and have these awesome Force Ghosts help Rey out? That’s what this fantastic little fan edit does, giving everyone the closest Star Wars is going to get to Gohan and Goku doing the Father-Son Kamehameha in Dragon Ball Z.

Yeah, Disney’s Star Wars trilogy ended up being a disappointment in the end but much like the prequels, there is merit in watching these movies again. The Force Awakens is a pretty solid entry into liking Star Wars while The Last Jedi is easily the most ambitious film in this entire franchise. The Rise of Skywalker shows what happens when you hit the panic button and make a movie without a proper vision so it can work as a “what-not-to-do” for filmmakers.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now available on Disney+ and various digital services. If you’re going to get the Blu-Ray, wear a mask.

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