Watch Spider-Man: Far from Home’s Jake Gyllenhaal Tell You the Story of ‘Benedict Cabbagepatch’

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Spider-Man: Far from Home comes out next week, and Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal are hard at work promoting the movie. What's funny is, during one interview, Gyllenhaal goes on about the story of ‘Benedict Cabbagepatch' and he keeps you on the edge of your seat, guessing if he's joking or not.

You can also watch Tom Holland visibly get confused when Gyllenhaal mentions ‘Cabbagepatch', but I think everyone gets the joke once he mispronounces "Doctor Strange."

If you've been on the internet long enough, you'll know that Benedict Cumberbatch's name has always been a source of memes, with people spouting random words that start with "B" and "C" and everyone immediately recognizing it's about "Benedict Cumberbatch."


I can throw "Banister Crumblebench", "Buttercup Cumbersnatch", "Buffalo Custardbath", and "Bristleback Cuddlefish" at you, and you would know exactly who I was talking about.

Though I doubt Doctor Strange is making an appearance in the MCU, I'm sure his tenure is still far from over. Cumberbatch has probably signed up for 2 more solo films and a bunch of cameos and team-ups. What are the odds we'll ever get to have him run into Mysterio?

For now, Spider-Man: Far from Home is set to close the Infinity Saga for the MCU. Hopefully it will give us the epilogue that we want from Endgame, letting us find out how the world will come back after everyone else was snapped back into reality.

Catch Spider-Man: Far from Home in theaters July 2.

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