27 Feb 2020 11:08 AM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Russian Police Tow Away Homemade Batmobile


While everyone is excited for the release of The Batman in 2021, it seems like the police in Russia have no regard for anyone’s fandom. Just in, a video has been making the rounds online of a homemade Batmobile being towed away by the Russian police.

Check it out:

BATMAN BUSTED: A homemade Batmobile got towed by police in Moscow, Russia. https://t.co/20IzMEZzFhpic.twitter.com/uBQixWSqXy
— ABC News (@ABC)
February 26, 2020

As for the reason that the Batmobile was towed away, it was said that the cops had concerns that the vehicle had not met any standards of road safety regulations. It was said that the vehicle was not ‘manufactured within factory conditions’ and that it wasn’t safe to take out on the road.

While the reason does make sense, I’m sure it’s still going to piss off the guy who worked hard on making his own custom Batmobile. Hopefully, he just comes off with a warning of some sort. I don’t imagine the police has anything to do with it in their possession.

Going back to The Batman though, we have yet to see what kind of Batmobile Robert Pattinson is going to be using. Set photos have Batman spotted on a motorcycle, but we’ve yet to see anything that resembles a Batmobile. Maybe he doesn’t have one yet? Or maybe it’s going to appear in another scene. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. For now, I’m just enjoying how practical the suit looks; I mean, Batman wearing pants has a lot of Knightmare vibes from Batman v Superman.

Catch Matt Reeves’ The Batman when it hits theaters June 25, 2021.

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