WATCH: Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 4 Dives Deep Into Nessa's Character

It looks like reports about Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 4 getting a big delay were false since The Pokemon Company has released the highly-anticipated episode on YouTube. This is the episode many fans have been waiting for as it highlights Galar’s water-type gym leader and best girl Nessa. The episode is going to be loved by a number of fans since it also has easter eggs from Sword and Shield.

After a loss, Nessa is a bit distraught and Chairman Rose thinks it's because she has to balance being the water-type gym leader of Galar and a supermodel. From there, we see how Nessa decides to handle this problem while also looking at some cool water Pokemon and admiring how beautiful this series continues to be. It’s a fairly entertaining six minutes and fans are gonna want to catch some Feebas after watching this.

Sword and Shield fans are going to love some of the details in this episode. Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 4 reveals that Nessa is good friends with Sonia, who helps out the player during the events of the games. When eating with Sonia in the cafe, we also spot fan-favorite character Marnie, who doesn’t have Team Yell supporting her (yet), which is surprising. Finally, Sonia’s Yamper also appears near the end and it’s adorable.

Whether you like Pokemon Sword and Shield or not, check out Twilight Wings Episode 4. It’s pretty, has awesome animation and lovely visuals.

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