Watch PewDiePie Play Magic Arena Against Mono Red Players & A Gate Deck

PewDiePie, the YouTuber with the most subscribed channel, has released a video of him playing Magic Arena and it's called "Angry white people" (the same name of his red/white aggro Standard deck). Watch the popular streamer play Standard to grind his way to Diamond rank. Watch the video above. 

As expected, PewDiePie makes some hilarious commentary when analyzing the artwork for the Hunted Witness card, unleashing combat moves, and describing his opponents' creatures. As you can see, most of his opponents are playing Mono Red but his final opponent in this video is playing the fun Gate deck. PewDiePie's reactions are always entertaining to watch so if you're a fan of both Magic and PewDiePiece, this is definitely a must-watch. 

Do you think PewDiePie can achieve Mythic status? Would you like to see him play more Magic Arena

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