New Teaser for DC FanDome Boasts 24-Hour Virtual Experience

DC may have skipped out on Comic-Con@Home, but they are taking August with the much-hyped DC FanDome. Just in, we have a new teaser for the event, and it's boasting a 24-hour experience for later this month.

While the event doesn't seem to be exclusively on Youtube, DC has put up a lot of details on their official site, There you have details on how to explore the event. Check this out:

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Credit: DC FanDome

Here's a description as well:

The epicenter of the DC FanDome is the Hall of Heroes, where you can experience special programming, panels and content reveals from a wide variety of films, TV series and games, available in several languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. From there, navigate deeper into the DC Multiverse, exploring five additional satellite worlds, each with its own localized content and unique activities and one world fully devoted to our younger fans!

You can also follow the DC FanDome on social media with Facebook, IG, and Twitter.

I have to say, though a lot of people were looking forward to Comic-Con@Home last month, the event had clearly come out to be a bust. Besides the lack of exciting panels, there was also said to be poor communications on the organizers' part, and most fans who were eager to catch panels had no idea they were going on.

For now, it looks like DC is learning, having a much clearer layout for their virtual event. Let's hope they don't botch it when it comes to the actual day.

Catch DC FanDome when it takes place on Aug. 22 on

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