27 Nov 2019 12:52 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: Multiple Joker Cosplayers Come Together to Hilariously Recreate the 'Stair Dance'


While there are a lot of scenes to love from Todd Phillips’ Joker film, probably one of the most iconic is when Arthur fully embraces his Joker persona and dances down some stairs. What’s fun is, some Joker cosplayers from StarCon Russia have come together to give us the same scene—but with more Jokers this time.

Check them out:

It’s actually pretty fun, and the video has already amassed more than a million views online. I’ll admit, not all the costumes were accurate, but it’s still great to see how a lot of people can parody the film at cons. Who knew a scene with some clown dancing down a flight of stairs could end up so iconic?


For now, Joker has become the highest-grossing R-rated film ever, and is officially one of the most profitable comic book movies ever made. While there was a lot of controversy of this movie possibly inciting mass shootings, it’s great that no violence actually occurred. Who’d have thought that it was Frozen II that managed to get headlines with ateenage machete brawl.

Rumors have been going around that WB wants a sequel for Joker, but I believe it’s best to treat this film as a one-off. At best, maybe they can just have this iteration of the character appear in a Batman film. Besides, I’d prefer to have several other one-offs in the same vein. I’d love a Crimson Mist film or maybe even a Superman: Red Son movie.

Catch Joker now in theaters.

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