Watch: If The Revenant Was An 8-Bit Video Game

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8-Bit Cinema from Cinefix reimagines films and TV shows in retro-style 8-bit form, and now, Cinefix is putting a spin to Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu's award-winning The Revenant. The parody's opening captures the ghostly-cold atmosphere of the film, and there are some amusing details that will make you laugh if you've seen it. The highlight here is when we see Hugh Glass (Leonardo di Caprio's character) fight the bear even though it's not movie-accurate in this version. Seeing him pick up various items like pelts, cantina, stick and cotton is hilarious. Too bad they left out some key scenes that I would like to see in 8-bit, like when he was escaping from a horse and stealthily escaping Native Americans. Watch the video: