12 Sep 2017 6:17 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch: How Wonder Woman Should Have Ended

Wonder Woman was an astounding success for the DCEU, and with the release of the Blu-Ray set on Sept. 19, HISHE on Youtube has released their rendition of How It Should Have Ended for Wonder Woman.

Check it out:

With Steve Trevor dying in the end of the film, it’s curious why he didn’t just grab a parachute and shoot at the bombs as he was getting off. Of course, he would have still been caught in the explosion, but with Hollywood logic, that could leave some open room for him to survive.


In the end, Wonder Woman, like any other movie, had its plotholes, but it was a solid film all-in-all. I just kind of wished that we saw her coming together with Batman to build up to Justice League by the end of the film. I didn’t really need to see her jump her way into the credits by the end.

As for the sequel to Wonder Woman, the film is said to be another period piece, but this time taking place in the 80s near the end of the Cold War. Patty Jenkins has once again been hired to direct the film, and Gal Gadot will be returning as the wonderful Diana Prince.


Wonder Woman gets released on DVD/Blu-Ray on Sept. 19.

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