21 Nov 2017 1:33 PM +00:00 UTC

Watch How They Created The Crystal Foxes For Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be introducing us to more worlds and creatures in a galaxy far far away, and one of them is the crystal foxes—or more officially named vulpteces (singular vulptex). ComicBook gives us a cool look behind the scenes of the creation of the vulptex and how they brought it to life for the film.

Check it out:

It's pretty cool how they managed to make him an animatronic and still enhanced him with CGI. Though I would have preferred that the vulpteces were purely practical, I have to admit they have to be computer animated of they want to make their movements believable.


The Force Awakens managed to do some groundbreaking practical work by making BB-8 an actual puppet, but there were a lot of scenes where he still had to be enhanced with CGI.

The vulpteces will be introduced in the crystal planet of Crait, and it's said that the place was once home to an old Rebel Alliance base that predated the original trilogy. This is just me taking a guess, but I have a feeling that the sequence in Crait will be in the third act of the movie.

Catch Star Wars: The Last Jedi when it comes out Dec. 15.

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