Watch: How Spider-Man Far from Home Should Have Ended

While fans are still reeling over the news that Sony and Disney had a falling out with Spider-Man, HISHE on Youtube has decided it’s the best time to release their video for How Spider-Man: Far from Home Should Have Ended.

If anything, the video goes over a lot of the big questions that Far from Home kind of just skimmed through, like what happened when everyone was brought back, and why Tony didn’t just give EDITH to someone like Rhodey.

Then again, it does have some relevant points about Peter handing over EDITH to Quentin Beck. EDITH has proven to have more than just access to Stark drones, and it would have likely brought up Beck’s files before Peter could hand it over. What’s more, Peter could have used the EDITH software to mess up J. Jonah Jameson’s big identity reveal. Then again, the thing just came out of nowhere, so there probably wasn’t enough time for Peter to dispatch EDITH either way.

For now, there’s a lot of rumors going around that Sony and Disney are close to making a whole new deal, but there are a lot of fans online slowly giving in to the reality of Spider-Man being out of the MCU. Hopefully Disney and Sony come to a new compromise, but for now, people are trying to remain optimistic about the future of Spider-Man—MCU or not.

Catch the re-release of Spider-Man: Far from Home when it comes out Aug. 29.

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